Workshop Guidelines

India, renowned as the cradle of human civilization, has long upheld the principles of human rights, as evidenced by its rich historical accounts. Despite this legacy, the contemporary landscape is marked by ongoing struggles against crime and corruption. To combat violence and abuse effectively, it is imperative for every individual to recognize and assert their fundamental rights, thus standing against tyranny.

NHRO is steadfast in its mission to disseminate this crucial message through impactful workshops and training programs. We firmly believe that comprehensive knowledge empowers individuals to advocate for justice and promote peace. Education on human rights not only fosters dignity but also ensures a life free from discrimination, torture, and ill-treatment—a cornerstone of our workshop objectives.

Workshop Guidelines:

Conducting workshops demands a systematic approach founded on shared ideals. NHRO outlines the following guidelines for workshop organizers:

  •  NHRO workshops cater to students from diverse educational institutions as well as independent individuals, professionals, and unions.
  •  Discrimination of any form is strictly prohibited during workshop sessions.
  •  Workshops primarily focus on educating participants about human rights—covering their significance, implementation, limitations, and more.
  •  Program formats vary to accommodate the convenience of participants, ranging from short-term sessions of 1 hour to week-long workshops.
  •  Long-term programs, designed as internships, offer both theoretical knowledge and practical insights into fundamental rights.
  •  NHRO educates participants on a wide spectrum of birth rights, including civil, social, judicial, political, cultural, religious, educational, marital, children’s, women’s, economic, and fundamental rights.
  •  Workshops can be organized independently or in collaboration with individuals or entities nationwide, providing a robust platform for societal upliftment.
  •  All activities must adhere to NHRO’s terms and conditions. Any misconduct or violation may result in serious consequences, including legal intervention if necessary.

Enrollment Fees & Benefits:

NHRO is committed to ensuring the accessibility of human rights knowledge to all individuals. Therefore, our workshops are offered free of charge, maintaining the highest standards of training quality.

In addition, we extend an exclusive enrollment opportunity for participants. With a nominal registration fee of Rs. 200, enrolled candidates gain access to a wealth of resources, including books, magazines, journals, and more related to human rights. These materials serve to raise awareness among participants’ family, friends, and associates. Furthermore, participants receive a participation certificate from NHRO and have the chance to engage in quiz competitions with lucrative rewards.

For further inquiries, reach out to NHRO today.

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