Consistently endeavor to fortify the promotion and adherence to human rights principles within society.

Since our organization’s inception, NHRO has remained resolutely committed to the protection and advancement of human rights. These inherent rights are intrinsic to every individual by virtue of their existence. Our overarching goal is to ensure that individuals worldwide have the opportunity to lead lives characterized by dignity, equality, and freedom.

However, the prevailing global landscape often falls short of this ideal, marked by pervasive crime, violence, and corruption. At NHRO, our dedicated team consistently strives to uphold justice and defend people’s rights through proactive awareness campaigns. Our efforts are geared towards shedding light on human rights abuses and holding perpetrators accountable, thereby empowering victims to confront injustice and oppression.

Our array of programs:

As the proverb aptly states, “Knowledge is life with wings.”

Our strategic approach involves disseminating knowledge and fostering empowerment among individuals to articulate their rights. NHRO, as a proactive human rights organization in India, conducts workshops and training sessions for this purpose. We disseminate the principles and values of human rights, provide guidance on their effective implementation, and illuminate the path toward a more equitable society.

Our workshops are open to participants ranging from students to professionals and non-working individuals, all free of charge. In addition to acquiring knowledge, attendees receive abundant materials to educate both their families and communities.

Furthermore, we orchestrate month-long internship programs for individuals eager to engage in fieldwork and acquire practical experience. These exclusive opportunities afford interns the chance to participate in events and decision-making processes as integral team members. Additionally, interns benefit from ongoing mentorship provided by seasoned experts and professionals in the realm of human rights.

  • Equip young individuals to confront challenges and escalating conflicts related to culture, region, caste, or religion.
  • Advocate for government initiatives aimed at improving public welfare.
  •  Foster social and attitudinal shifts within stone crushing, glass, or firework industries to eradicate child labor practices.
  • Undertake comprehensive studies and compile precise reports highlighting human rights infringements within governmental policies or state jurisdictions.
  • Empower marginalized and vulnerable segments of society through the provision of legal counsel and assistance.
  • Implement initiatives aimed at mitigating injustices, exploitation, and gender disparities.
  • Cultivate an educational ethos conducive to the holistic development of society.
  • Stand in solidarity with the disadvantaged and impoverished by addressing intra-social violations of inherent rights perpetrated by dominant factions.
  • Disseminate educational resources such as journals, books, and magazines focused on human rights advocacy.

Dedication to societal progress

While our paramount goal is the protection of human rights, NHRO also maintains a steadfast commitment to societal welfare. Below are supplementary endeavors we pursue:

NHRO remains committed to advancing humanity until every individual asserts their inherent rights from birth.

  • Providing consultancy services on a diverse range of topics including educational institutions, skill development training, scientific institutions, advanced technology, and more to foster societal advancement.
  • Undertaking comprehensive research endeavors in the realm of education.
  • Extending support to victims affected by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, fires, and others by supplying essential relief materials.
  • Advocating for environmental conservation, sanitation, health awareness, and related causes.
  • Working with hospital, organizing blood donation camps, managing health education centers, conducting eye camps, establishing leprosy centers, and raising awareness on pertinent health issues.
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