Advancing the Legacy of Human Rights

The National Human Rights Organization (NHRO) is dedicated to realizing the following key objectives:

1. Exploring the political, social, philosophical, and ethical dimensions of fundamental rights through interdisciplinary collaboration.
2. Ensuring the provision of facilities outlined in Articles 29(1), 29(2), 30(1), 30(2), 347, 350 A, 350 B of the Constitution of India for Minority groups.
3. Advocating for India’s rich heritage, cultural traditions, and endangered crafts.
4. Establishing centers for marital assistance for adolescent girls and family planning services.
5. Facilitating the holistic development of tribal, slum, rural, and urban areas, with a focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations regardless of caste, religion, color, creed, or gender.
6. Operating and managing orphanages and elderly care facilities while providing medical care, sustenance, and rehabilitation support.
7. Offering comprehensive skill development, vocational training, and initiatives in khadi & village industries, small-scale industrial training, carpentry, doll making, candle making, knitting, sewing, radio & television production, among others.
8. Implementing tree plantation drives for environmental conservation, pollution mitigation, and promoting awareness about alternative energies such as solar, wind, and water power.
9. Pioneering innovative networking opportunities to uplift Dalit, Lower Castes, scheduled caste, economically disadvantaged individuals, and other marginalized groups.

At NHRO, every endeavor aligns with national and global human rights standards. If you are passionate about combating injustice, we invite you to join us as a volunteer, intern, or participant in our noble cause.
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